Suppliers COVID-19 Information

Operational Changes regarding
COVID-19, for customers:

Reduced Hours: 9.30am to 5.00pm

-Recollection of in stock of materials by appointment ONLY, to prevent customer accumulation.

-70% of the staff is working remotely, this has limited the response to our clients, we are working to adapt to this change.

-Delivery times are now 48 to 72hrs.

Having Trouble reaching us?:

Please leave us a message via Whatsapp

****Only Text Messages*******

Sales for New Customers : (81) 1728-3324

Sales for Resellers: (81) 8289-6969

Deliveries / Warehouse : (81) 1001-1223

Sales Manager : (81) 1386-1589

Purchasing Department : (81) 1707-6139

Accounts Recieveables : (81) 8373-6490

Accounts Payable : (81) 81 8289-6868

Internal Actions against


- We are limiting the precensial shifts of our associates.

-Currently we are working only 30% of the personnel, in person, the rest work remotely.

-Personal within risk groups, are at home.

-Professional disinfection of offices, forklifts, machinery, etc.

-Internal campaign of healthy distance and personal cleaning.

-Whatsapp group of the entire company, where the orders of the Secretary of Health and / or Governments and the company to carry out this contingency are notified.

-Visits to clients are limited to Emergencies only, where the advice of a technician or seller is INDISPENSABLE and this cannot be done by electronic means.

-The company has contracted insurance for all our collaborators, in case of requiring hospitalization x 48hrs or more or in case of death by COVID-19